Podcast Recommendations

Banke Ajayi
2 min readApr 3, 2024


Podcasts are my go-to way to learn on the move. Whether I’m running errands or taking a walk, I’m always getting new ideas!

Here are two I wanted to mention today:

Category — Business
Name — Acquired

I have been listening to Acquired for years and I love it. Acquired tells the stories behind the biggest companies out there. The podcast is great because they (Ben and David) go into the history of the companies, piecing together the rationale (at least from their point of view) of business decisions made, the strategies, 7 powers and so on.

Why I like it:
- You come away with so much information
- You start to see the bigger picture (from tactical to strategic) and are able to apply this to your work.

This has certainly helped me in my work when mapping out strategies which align with the business objectives.

Category — Lifestyle
Name — Take What You Need

This podcast is a relatively new listen for me. Abiola is the podcast host, and she talks about any and everything from mindset shifts to marketing…side note, she has her own marketing agency.

Why I like it:
- There is something for everyone and she breaks things down really well.
- She is relatable, so you come away feeling you have gained new perspectives on whatever the topic is.

Well, those are my two for today. What podcasts do you listen to? Any recommendations?

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